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For proper evaluation, a test is conducted after every 30 working days. There will be two terminal examinations in a year. The annual examination is conducted in the month of March every year. Promotion of a student is based on the performance of the whole year. Progress cards are sent to the parents after every monthly test and terminal examinations. The same is also accessible to the parents from the school's official website.

The school takes good care of the health of the students. Each student is medically examined and an healthcard is kept at the health centre. Medical help is available round the clock. The service of a resident nurse and a visiting doctor are available in the institution. When further medical care is required sick students are taken to EMS Hospital Mukkam which is within 5 kms and where specialist doctors are available. In serious cases they are taken to super speciality hospitals like Baby Memorial Hospital and Medical College accompanied by teachers and responsible staff situated 20-25 kms away in Calicut city.

Learning Resource Department
Our Learning Resource Department assists the mainstream teachers to identify and support children with different levels of “Learning Difficulties”. We have a full time counselor and a visiting Educational Therapist from NILD in this department as faculty members. Faculty from NILD Mrs.Rathi Gopinath visits the school on every Tuesdays and conducts special training programme for the students of different classes. Regular training programmes are organized by the LR department for the students on different topics to make sure that they face the challenges of the life with positive attitude.

To make learning more captivating,we have introduced digital teaching and learning in our school. Teachers are now able to use videos,animations,live images and graphics while teaching the chosen topic in the "Smart Classrooms".

Montessori method of education is followed in the pre-primary stage.This method is defined as "Education by means of liberty in the prepared environment". Introduced by Dr.Maria Montessori of Italy,this method of education makes learning an exciting process of discovery,leading to concentration,motivation,self-discipline and love for learning.

safety and security
The school is safely tucked away from the hustles of townships surrounded by compound walls. The security department is intact for 24 hours with permanent security officers of the school. The school is provided with CCTV surveillance. The principal is able to monitor every pulse of the campus activities and collect the necessary report at times of emergency. Gender sensitivity is keenly observed by the team of the faculty in the campus.

Information to the parents are sent as SMS . Parents can download the result of their child from the school website. Absent alert, fee due alert, examination performance statement are some of the facilities included in the SMS package .Parents can communicate with the Principal through the official email address of the school. (mesrajac@gmail.com).