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There are five hostels to accommodate the students. Utmost care is taken for the comfortable stay at these hostels. Besides wardens, two tutors are in charge of each dormitory in a hostel.Girls and Primary School children have hostel facilities at a separate compound which has a spacious playing ground.


Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food are served, Care is being taken to serve well-balanced diet at the mess. During Ramzan, food is served for those observing the fast as per the special timings of the month.


Teachers are also the residents of the school campus. This helps them to have excellent rapport with students.


The school has spacious and well ventilated class rooms. Students use these class rooms during their study hours.


Montessori method of education is followed in the pre-primary stage.This method is defined as "Education by means of liberty in the prepared environment". Introduced by Dr.Maria Montessori of Italy,this method of education makes learning an exciting process of discovery,leading to concentration,motivation,self-discipline and love for learning.


Muslim students perform daily prayers at the mosque inside the school campus. Full-fledged Islamic Study centre with library is envisaged for near future.


Parents / Guardians are allowed to meet their wards after getting permission from the Principal during Saturdays and Sundays only.


Along with the intellectual development of the students, the school cares to maintain healthy growth of the students. The school health studio is fit with all kinds of equipments to make out a healthy body. All the students can access this facility under the strict supervision of the trainer.


The school infirmary is open for all those students who are affected with diseases . Qualified and registered Doctor and nurse are appointed to provide general care to the sick students.


The vast and spacious play ground provides ample opportunities to the students for various games. The major events like All Kerala M.E.S Athletic meet, All Kerala MES Schools Football tournament, Sahodaya Interschool competitions, CBSE cluster competitions take place in the School Ground.


School basket ball court is an admirable one. The court is built with modern technologies and provided with fiber boards. School gives training to students in this game under 16 and under 19 categories. Well qualified trainer’s service is provide to train the students every day after the class hours on a regular basis.


The Office is computerised so that all the inormation regarding the students, fees and school activities are easily attained.


The students are nurtured here to compete with anyone in this game. Table tennis boards are provided at the school hostel recreation room and trainers are appointed to provide coaching in this game.


Students, Staff and visitors can get Softdrinks, Ice creams, toffees and other items from the canteen.


The school has a spacious auditorium and open stage to organise Annual, Arts and Cultural events.


Students can make phone calls to their parents from the Telephone booths at the hostels. They will not be permitted to dial any number other than the given numbers by the parents at the time of admission. Call duration is restricted to 5 minutes only.