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Application form and prospectus are available in the school office, during the working hours on payment of Rs. 500/-. Filled-up applicalion form along with a copy of Birth Certificate duly attested by a Gazatted Officer should be submitted to the Principal in order to confirm admission.


The fee payable per year will be fixed by the management from time to time which may be paid in two instalments. The first term fees is payable at the time of admission and the 2nd term fee is to be paid in the month of October. As per the instruction from CBSE, no cash payment will be accepted at school office. Payment of school fee & transportation fee can be made online using lnternet banking from the school website www.mesrajaschool.com and through manual Challan at any branches of SBI bank. Challan can be collected from the School or the parents can download from the school web site.The details of the fee structure are given below.


MONTESSORI I & II (2019-2020)

1 Tuition Fee 13075
2 Special Fee 5566
3 Digital Fee 1746
4 Stationery Fee 4655
5 Co-Corricular Activities 1455
6 Annual maintenance 363
7 P.B.F 363
8 MES Education Board Fee 363
  Total 27586
  First Installment (at the time of admission for newly admitted students and before 15th June for existing student) 13793
  Second Installment Fee (before October 31st) 13793

SCHOOL FEE GRADE (I-XII) (2019-2020)

Sl No: I to V VI to X XI & XII Science XI & XII commerce
1 Tuition Fee 11227 13745 16466 16466
2 Special Fee 5040 6284 8658 8658
3 Digital Fee 2638 2638 2638 2638
4 Stationery 2822 2822 3528 3528
5 P.B.F 372 372 777 777
6 Annual maintenance 1411 1411 1411 1411
7 Sports Fee 700 700 700 700
8 MES Education Board Fee 388 388 388 388
9 Lab 0 0 3104 0
  Total 24598 28360 37670 34566
  First Installment (at the time of admission for newly admitted students and before 15th June for existing student) 12299 14180 18835 17283
  Second Installment Fee (before October 31st) 12299 14180 18835 17283

HOSTEL FEE GRADE (I-XII) (2019-2020)

Sl No: I to V VI to X XI & XII
1 Boarding Fee 93849 105126 112894
2 Establishment Fee 33174 32888 33261
3 medical 2844 2844 2844
4 washing 7607 9836 10169
  Total 137474 150694 159168
  First Installment (at the time of admission for newly admitted students and before 15th June for existing student) 68737 75347 79584
  Second Installment (before October 31st) 68737 75347 79584


Sl No: Courses Classes   Registration Fee Training Fee Annual (single installment)
1 Multimedia VI to IX any one is compulsory nil 1850
2 Home Science VI to IX nil
3 Fashion Designing VI to IX nil
4 Swimming for all optional nil 1000
icon Fees against Skill development courses may be paid(one time payment) along with the first installment of school fees.


icon School fee shall be paid in two instalments payable for 12 months of the academic year as per schedule without fine. Default in remitting the fee will lead to late fee as given below.
Fee Schedule From To Late fee Amount
1st Installment Upto 15.06.2019 No late fee
16.06.2019 30.06.2019 100
01.07.2019 15.07.2019 200
2nd Installment Upto 31.10.2019 No late fee
01.11.2019 15.11.2019 100
16.11.2019 30.11.2019 200
Note: If the fee is not paid on or before the last date of fee payment with late fee, name of the student will be removed from the school rolls and re-admission procedure has to be followed
icon Fee should be paid in full and no part payment will be accepted. Fee, once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
icon The School acknowledges every payment made to it by a signed receipt. Parents are requested to make sure that they receive a proper receipt for every payment they make and the school will not be responsible for payments made without proper receipts. There may be an annual increase of fee every year.
icon Boarders to pay an advance of Rs. 10,000/- towards personal account .
icon Senior secondary students who opt computer science as an optional subject will have to pay an extra fee of Rs. 2500/- annually.
icon Newly admitted students should pay Rs. 1000/- towards caution deposit. It will be refunded at the end of the course after deducting outstanding dues, if any. It will not be refunded before the end of the academic session even if the student leaves the school mid way.
icon Students joining/leaving in between the academic year must pay whole year fee.
icon School Uniform is compulsory for all the students.


1 Coloured dress for boys 5 Nos
2 Coloured dress for girls (Dress should be minimum four inches below the knee) 5 Nos
3 Petticoat (for girls) 5 Nos
4 Under garments (for boys) 5 Nos
5 Under garments (for girls) 5 Nos
6 Handkerchief 5 Nos
7 Bath towels (Turkish) 3 Nos
8 Silppers 1 pair
9 Leather Chappals 1 pair
10 Umbrella 1 No.
11 Prayer Dress (For muslim girls only) 2 pairs
12 Night dress ( Pyjama set for boys) 3 pairs
13 Night dress (Pyjama set for girls 1 to IV) 3 pairs
14 Night dress (Churidar set for Girls V to XII) 3 pairs
15 Soap, shampoo, Hair Oil, Talcum powder, face cream & tooth paste, shoe polish
16 Comb / Hair brush / Lice comb
17 Tooth brush, Nail cutter, Tongue Cleaner
18 Air Bag, Suitcase

Please Note :-
1 All clothing items provided by the parents/guardian must be properly labelled or marked for easy identification before handing over to Matron/Warden.
2 Items other than the ones mentioned in the above list will not be permitted.


1 School uniform (Applicable to all) 3 Pairs
2 School uniform shoes (Applicable to all) 1 Pair
3 School Tie (Applicable to all) 2 Nos
4 School socks (Applicable to all) 3 Pairs
5 School belt (Applicable to all) 1 No
6 House P.T. Dress (Applicable to all) 1 pair
7 Canvas Shoe (Applicable to all) 1 pair
8 Pillow (Boarding) 1 No
9 Pillow cover (Boarding) 2 Nos
10 Mattress (Boarding) 1 No
11 Bed sheets (Boarding) 2 Nos
12 Plastic bucket (Boarding) 1 No
13 Plastic mug (Boarding) 1 No
14 Bedspreads (Boarding) 1 No

Please Note:
Items listed above are available in the school store and the same must be purchased on payment at the time of admission.

Account Details

A/C No 32847243885
Bank SBI NIT Branch
IFS Code SBIN0002207
Mail ID mesrajac@gmail.com
Please Note: Kindly Send the transfer details (Screen short/bank slip) after writing the name and admission number of the student.